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1% CDR Non - MLS Package


Understanding the market, embracing technology and respecting your need to stretch every hard earned dollar as far as it will go, Canadian Discount Realty’s 1% Non - MLS Marketing Package was created with the "DO IT YOURSELF" Client in mind. The objective? To offer an innovative, value packed service that provides a fair, professional and safe alternative to the many risky do-it-yourself products on the market today.



Key Highlights of this Package:

NO UP FRONT FEES...EVER!!! Our reputation is built upon results. The only time you pay us... is when your property is SOLD.

Your home listed with Canadian Discount Realty Inc: Licensed and Governed by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and a member of both the Canadian Real Estate Association and the Ontario Real Estate Association.

Expert advice and service by a licensed REALTOR®: Real Estate is what we do, full–time professionals with a combined 30yrs experience.  Dabbling into the real estate world on your own can be complex, stressful and risky.  Why leave anything to chance? As experts in our field we’ll make sure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed, ensuring a smooth transaction; that way the only thing stressful you’re left to deal with is..... Packing :)

CDR 1% Marketing System: sign installation, photos, website exposure, and the finer details. This may be the right program for you.

Full “SIGN UP TIL SIGN DOWN” Guidance: The assurance of a qualified helping hand always at your side if/when needed!

Before you list your home. Before you reach into your pocket to pay someone an upfront fee.  Before you attempt to tackle the complex world of selling real estate completely on your own. Contact us and find out why our 1% CDR Non - MLS Package might be the right choice for you. 


Thank you.

Canadian Discount Realty

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