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Let's do the Real Estate Savings Math!!!

Welcome to Canadian Discount Realty. 
If you aren't yet aware, we are a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage but offering our services at Discounted Rates!! 
Often, we inform potential clients that we can save them $6,000 (as an example). $6,000 sounds like and is a lot of money but the savings are actually greater than that amount!!  
Firstly, everyone forgets the HST. If we save you $6,000 in Commission, we have actually saved you $6,000 plus HST for a total of  $6,780 of after tax income. 
Someone who makes $50,000/year pays roughly 31% in tax. You would have to earn approximately $10,000 to pay the extra Commission. 
How many weeks would you have to work to pay the extra commission?? Based on this example, it could be between 9 and 10 weeks. 
That is a staggering amount of extra hours at work when we at Canadian Discount Realty will get you the results without the added cost.
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